ALŞİN ÇELİK has achieved the satisfaction of his clients until now and has become the preferred manufacturer in his areas of activities. ALŞİN ÇELİK is owing this position to his service and product quality attained by his skilled workforce’s dedicated efforts and loyalty to the ethical rules and committments. ALŞİN ÇELİK’s target is to increase the number of clients and the fabrication capacity without any compromise from this service and product quality.

Within this frame, ALŞİN ÇELİK will execute a Quality Management System to regulate all factors, processes and functions critical to quality. Quality Management System will provide the quality to be traceable, documented and continuously improvable.

ALŞİN ÇELİK’s targets and commitments related to quality are defined by his executives who will put the Quality Policy into practice. Execution and success of the Quality Policy will only be possible in case all ALŞİN ÇELİK workforce will perform the issues stated the organisation structure, roles and responsibilities, scope, procedures and instructions in the Quality Handbook properly.

In this way, all factors and processes affecting the quality will be investigated, action plans and new targets as per the client feedback will be put in force and deviations from these targets will be minimized.

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